WENR02 Ethiopiƫ Water Initiative

Geplaatst op: 29 maart 2021

Aanleiding van het project

Lindsay and Wageningen UR have collaborated intensively in 2014.
Those activities were focussed on combining the expertise of both partners with local needs India. Both parties want to extend their collaboration to contribute to solutions that go beyond the specific areas Wageningen and Lindsay have been working upto now in India. This lead to the creation of the ‘India Water Initiative’.

Doel van het project

– The main objective of this initiative is to make hi-tech innovative and sustainable irrigation solutions such as custom-hireable water sprinklers (called hose-reels) and custom designed centre-pivotsto adopted by key stakeholders in the Government and the Private sector in India (including entrepreneurs and farmers).
This leads to a better use of the available water, and a better distribution amongts farmers. Hence a higher food production and improvement of food quality is forreseen.
– Strenghthening the Dutch business case for water and food in India. Alterra will create opportunities in the Netherlands and India for other business partners to join the consortium.

Omschrijving van de activiteiten

This requires:
– Product innovation to fit the local Indian situation, for instance, products need to be customized to suit the situation of Indian farmers who have smaller land holdings, compared to countries such as USA where the land holdings are much larger. Also the products should be conceved as a concept which is a package involving other peripheral components rather than the core product per se. For instance, in teh case of the hose reel which is widely used in the Western World, the product is offered as a standard equipment which can be bought by a farmer. In the case of India where the awareness , affordability and applicability (given small land holdings) is a challenge, the standard product offering should be made into a concept which is an irigation solution theme which is custom-hirable by the hour by the farmer from a solution provider who is an agri-entreprenuer. To the agri-entreprenuer, the product consists not just the standard hose reel but includes a tractor, a booster pump and also water tankers, all combined as a product offering which can be custom hired by a farmer.

Verwachte resultaten

– increasing the network in India. Wageninegen UR which is co-owner of this initiative has been acknowledeged as a top-notch knowledge institution committed to sustainable initiatives through business innovation at the highest level and apex think-tank and top policy makers in India (including ministers and beuraucrats both at Union and State Government levels). We could capture the mind space of top industry leaders as well thereby increasing our network in the country. The network can be leveraged upon to garner other assignments which directly have a Dutch tehnology sulution.

his project is also focussed on idientifing possibilities in other countries in the (wider) region, e.g. Sri Lanka, Vietna, California.


Lindsay and Wageningen UR combine the best of already available technology and experience with new scientifc insights to adapt irrigation technology to the situation and circustamnces in different Indian regions. Only by modifications of existing technologies and/or adding services to the existing portfolio, a suiteable and viable solution for improving irrigation can be found. The combination of technology developement, test casing and building governance structurse and capacity with stakeholders is new for this type of irrigation systems.


The India Water initiative will organise discussion rounds for stakeholders in India and the Netherlands. I India the meetigns wille be foccussed on dissemination of the newly developed solutions. The meetings in the Netherlands are focussed on adding Dutch knoweldege and partners to the consortium and identifying opportunities in other regions around the world.