Nieuw project gestart: Extreme Sea Levels Impact on FlOoD DefenseS in Coastal Areas

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Frequency and intensity of flooding is expected to change in the coming decades, due to sea level rise combined with changes in storminess. Episodic flooding of coastal areas comes with large social and ecological impacts and can cause immense damage. Thus, in the coming decades changing climates will challenge the reliability of current extreme sea level forecasts and the design and assessment of safety of flood defences.
The project ODDS aims at a better understanding of the effect of climate change on extreme sea levels and at investigating what this means for flood risk management in coastal areas. ODDS will answer questions such as, how will extreme sea levels and its driving mechanisms evolve under future climate change? how do changes in extreme sea levels and storminess influence the reliability of forecasting and prediction models? What will the impact of changing extreme sea levels be on the safety of flood defences?
For finding answers relevant for global communities, ODDS brings together a consortium integrated by a knowledge institution, TU Delft; a public organization, Rijkswaterstaat; and three private partners, TNO, HKV and Deltares. The main output of project ODDS will be obtained through a PhD researcher (Paulina Kindermann). The research program of this project starts fundamental, with the expectation of defining the pathways for scaling the results from ODDS to demonstration and implementation phases in follow up research.

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