Nieuw project gestart: WaterLOUPE: water scarcity risks to the industry and strategies to cope phase 2

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The production processes of Kimberly-Clark require considerable amounts of water. Being one of the big water users among other beneficial uses such as drinking water production, agriculture, ecology and recreation Kimberly-Clark wants to take responsibility for sustainable water resource management in regions showing a risk of, among others, water scarcity.

Water related risks such as water scarcity should be assessed to ensure sufficient water of good quality for now and in the future for all stakeholders in a river basin at risk. In 2017 Kimberly-Clark and Deltares started a cooperation to tackle that challenge. One of the main developments of the project is a water risk dashboard (WaterLOUPE) to visualize the water scarcity risks to all stakeholders at the local level. For more information please watch the short engagement movie at

From 2017 to 2019, the approach was implemented for cases in Colombia, in Sao Paulo, Argentina, Cape Town, Israel and Bahrain. With several local cases developed in different types of catchments, climatic and economical zones and many interactions with end-users, we wish to improve the current tool (underlying local data, scientific concepts and visualisation) and expand the module on adaptive strategies by adding information on vulnerability, adaptive pathways and bankability.

Our goal is to provide the WaterLOUPE users with insights in the possible measures to decrease water scarcity risks, putting these measures in perspective and support them in promoting water stewardship, ultimately
contributing to SDG6.

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