Nieuw project gestart: Rivers in D-HYDRO

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Within this project the following activities will be performed:
• Implementing and testing of complex steering possibilities of structures in 1D within the D-HYDRO Suite (2018)
• Improvement of the available relations for the sediment distribution over bifurcations and confluences in 1D within
the D-HYDRO Suite (2018).
• Including the possibility for adding laterals (including sediment) in 1D within the D-HYDRO Suite (2018)
• Validation of the application of for 1D supercritical flow in rivers within the D-HYDRO Suite (2019)
• Performing a pilot study with Hydrotee on a river in Austria (supercritical flow and complex structures; 2019)
• Performing a pilot study with Jpower on a river in Japan (sediment transport over structures and confluences; 2019).
The result is a alfa project version of the (open source) D-HYDRO Suite, in which the functionalities that are developed within this project are adopted. Also the test models for these new functionalities will be made available from the web platform of the RiverLab. Furthermore there will be publications of the experiences obtained from the pilot studies within this TKI project.

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