Nieuw project gestart: Programma Innovatief Sediment Management voor Havens

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Port authorities are testing different maintenance methods for making port
maintenance more efficient and sustainable.
Over last years, our team has developed robust modelling and monitoring
tools for Water Injection Dredging (WID) applications in ports. The research
was conducted within a TKI project DEL 101 “Innovatief Sediment
Management voor Havens” (PRISMA). The tools have been successfully
applied during WID pilots at Europoort in 2020. The results of the pilots
show that the newly-developed maintenance concept helped to
substantially reduce the maintenance costs and CO2 emissions from
dredging at Europoort, therefore making it more cost-effective and more
sustainable at the same time.
Based on the results of PRISMA project, Port of Rotterdam (PoR) will
continue testing the WID-based maintenance concept in order to adapt this
sustainable method for a regular maintenance in the port and under a
wider range of conditions. This objective will be targeted by further
research within this application and the development of new tools to
streamline the approach and make it suitable for use over a larger area in
the port.
Another approach for increasing the efficiency of maintenance in the port
is making use of Data Science tools. Our goal is to develop a data-driven
tool for optimizing dredging strategies.
Products are:
– Open-source laboratory and in-situ datasets and models
– Technical reports and scientific publications
– Description of the project results for general audience on the website

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