Nieuw project gestart: Pilot Project Navigation with Nature®: a CoVadem application for the Chindwin River Myanmar

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Deltares, together with Covadem B.V. and CDR international B.V. are partnering in a consortium to research the applicability of the Covadem Technology in unregulated rivers; unlike the context of the first application of Covadem in the regulated Rhine. This research will take place in a pilot project subsidised by the partners for water programme. The project “The Navigation with Nature approach – empowered by CoVadem” is a combination of a service and a
technology bringing four fields of expertise together: ICT for IWT, use of Big Data, river dynamics, water level forecasting, and the Geographical Information Systems (GIS); and also includes a business case. The ambition of this research is to provide an innovative, sustainable, affordable and efficient solution to the navigation problems in unregulated rivers, which can be scaled-up to become a knowledge-based commercial service. This research promotes the Building with Nature principles; supports the sustainable development goals (improves livelihood of people in remote and rural areas), and builds a knowledge-based niche position for the Dutch water sector.

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