Nieuw project gestart: Development of Delft3D-GT

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There is a clear demand from the oil and gas industry to include process-based forward model such as Delft3D in their work flow. However, the Delft3D software and interfacing is designed for experienced hydrodynamic and morphological modellers and is therefore not optimized for a workflow in the Oil and Gas Industry in its present form. In order to make the software better accessible for non-expert modellers such as resevoir geologists in asset teams we propose to develop a shell around the software that simplifies its use and allows for schematic model set-up based on a small number of descriptors and is inked to an online database to store model output. As the identification of trends over a large number of runs is of most value, data aggregation and analysis tools that can link results from large number of simulations is part of the system.

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