Nieuw project gestart: Developing Delft3D-GeoTool to predict coastal evolution under sea-level rise

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In 2015-2018 Deltares, in collaboration with Equinor, built an open-source platform (Delft3D-GeoTool) allowing non-experts access to simulations of realistic shallow marine depositional environments. With this application the oil & gas, geothermal and drinking water industries can improve the performance ormodels of their reservoirs , thereby improving their performance (e.g. increase extraction volumes, sustainable management of reservoirs). Furthermore, this tool allows the study of the evolution of shallow marine/coastal systems under different conditions. To date the product can simulate prograding, river-dominated deltas. We will develop the implementation of our results to improve statistical geological models. In addition, we will test the expansion of the product to include coastal systems evolving under a rising sea level. Simulation of evolving sedimentary architecture under sea level rise will be a unique of our product.climate conditions. Being able to explain the past in this way allows coastal researchers to more accurately predict changes in our coastline in the future, under a changing climate.
To date the product can produce models of sediments in river-dominated deltas. With this proposal, our goal is to develop the methods for the application of these results, to improve the statistical geological models typically used by geologists across many industries. In addition, we will test the expansion of the product to include more types of coastal environments which are expected to be especially sensitive to rising sea levels (in addition to the current river delta river delta environment). Our product will be unique in its simulation of evolving sedimentary architecture during sea level rise.

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