Nieuw project gestart: Designing natural gel barriers for controlling sediment deposition in ports

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Port authorities and governmental organizations are actively searching for
new innovative solutions for maintaining ports and waterways more
efficiently. One of possible solutions is developing new port maintenance
strategies (DEL 101, DEL 126). Another possible solution is controlling
sediment deposition by installing sediment deflection barriers. However,
the sediment barriers are expected to meet the following requirements:
1 – be efficient in reducing siltation in navigational channels
2 – be environmentally friendly and conform to circular economy principles
3 – guarantee safe navigation
The main objective of the proposed research is to develop a natural
sediment barrier by utilizing a biological flocculating agent in specific areas
of the port to promote the accumulation of sediment forming a gel in
designated areas. Several types of flocculants will be tested. The most
promising candidates are Alginates and Alginate Like Exopolymers (ALE)
which comply to these requirements. One of the potential candidates is
Kaumera Nereda® Gum, which is a new bio-based raw material that is
extracted from the sludge granules that form during the Nereda®
purification process.
The proposed research consists of the lab tests for optimizing gel
properties and Delft3D study for studying the impact of hydrodynamic
conditions on a gel barrier

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