Nieuw project gestart: Consortium to improve & innovate Global circulation forecasting tools Deltares Global Tide and Surge Model and the Volvo Ocean Race (GTSM-VOR)

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The ability to produce rapid and reliable water level and (multi-level) current predictions anywhere around the globe at any time will provide a cutting-edge advantage to users of the system compared to potential competitors. This is especially relevant to Dutch industry that is active in many coastal areas (e.g. dredging and offshore wind) coastal maintenance and harbour development. These improved techniques will allow for optimal navigation decisions not just in the competitive sailing sector but most importantly will support optimization of trade routes and promote more efficient shipping. The global model will find applications in areas of low data availability which are difficult to access and with complex dynamics. It can be used in areas vulnerable to storms and cyclones where fast and accurate local information is required for emergency decision-making and disaster risk reduction. For the offshore and coastal infrastructure industry (e.g. harbours dredging navigation) the GTSM can provide fast reliable water level and current predictions even in the absence of detailed measurements. This can be used in planning and rapid assessment studies as well as linked to operational modelling activities.

The objective of this current cooperation project is to improve the generic knowledge on global circulation prediction tools (numerical modelling handling large datasets stabilizing workflows optimizing exports) to be able to develop new products and services as relevant to the industry sector. Emphasis on improving quality and usability of global circulation products form the view point of industry stakeholders. We will test the reliability and usability of the predictions provided by the GTSM in some real cases and use the feedback and experience gained to improve the overall performance of the system and to make it available to even more users.

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