Nieuw project gestart: Advanced SubSurface Irrigation System using Hydrorock(ASSIST)

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ASSIST aim to develop amnd test a new technology for sub-surface irrigation of crops to save water and reduce operational cost specially adapted (but not limited) for water scarce regions. The core of the project is the application of the Hydrorck technology, blocks of stone wool composed by molten rock that is spun into fibers and formed into a block (100% natural material). This material has te capacity to store and deliver water, acting as a subsurface reservoir of water for plants. Since the material is underground, the direct evaporation is minimised and therefore water eficiency is higher. The project also aim to develop an in-situ remotely monitoring and management system of the irrigation devices. The consroutium is composed by Hydrorock International BV (HR), Smart Farm Sensing (SFS) and Wageningen Environmental and Research (WUR) and is testing the system in a pilot located in Dubai, with the support of the
International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA)

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